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Leftover Footage

I have a lot of unused footage from the Still Working video. I liked the way a lot of the miniature stuff came out so I figured a would regularly post chunks of raw unedited footage of the miniature stuff here just for fun. Here's all of the mini graveyard footage.

*note* It seems to play better if you let it fully load first

Leftover graveyard footage. from Ben Catmull on Vimeo.



Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monster Parade #2

Here's another peek. I know the two pictures I've shown so far look very sweet and cozy, but don't worry. There will be monsters and the story will end in horror and misery.


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The Poopening

Here's a silly exercise I did for a film class. It was hastily shot over the period of 2 evenings with two patient friends who have no real interest in acting. Nothing was really planned out. I just shot from some goofy ideas in my head.

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The Ghost Cat of Otama Pond

I love me some old horror movies. Especially hidden gems. Back in the fifties there was a Japanese movie studio called Shintoho. It was known for trashier genre movies including horror. The most well know movie to come from Shintoho was Jigoku. Around 2001 a bunch of Shintoho movies came out on DVD in Greece that luckily came with english subtitles and weren't region encoded. I've managed to get all the horror ones and a couple others. Here's The Ghost Cat of Otama Pond (aka Kaibyo Otama Ga ike)

From watching a lot of old Japanese horror movies I've gathered that the vengeful cat ghost must be an old traditional Japanese ghost story. There are a lot of movies where a person dies a wrongful death and their cat happens to be around to drink their blood, and they then come back as a cat/human ghost to take vengeance. The vengeful cat ghost is almost a genre unto itself.



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Whale Painting


A few years back I thought about making some paintings to sell. So I did this painting and then I didn't want to sell it. It's partially inspired by a dream I had many years ago about being near the docks and seeing a frothing hoard of whales pass by. I painted this in '04 and then last year I saw something almost identical to my dream in Miyazaki's latest movie Ponyo. That kinda blew my mind. Anyways, I was never really sure what to do with the painting. Recently Sean McArdle convinced me to let him use the art on his upcoming album. If I ever do decide to sell it , Renee French was the first person to express interest in buying it so I figure she has dibs.

On a related note, recently I've been leaning back toward the idea of making paintings to sell. Look for art for sale here eventually



Monday, February 16, 2009

The Sign of the Cross

This is some good pre-code Hollywood craziness. Cecil B. DeMille directs this movie about Christians being oppressed by the wicked and decadent Emperor Nero (played by Charles Laughton -!!!-). It's Roman debauchery at it's finest in the Coliseum.



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Still Working music video

"Still Working" music- Sean McArdle video- Ben Catmull from Ben Catmull on Vimeo.

I made a music video for my old friend Sean McArdle. Aside from the one weekend Sean came up for the live action stuff we shot together, I did it all myself with no real plan other than to stick to the general theme and use it as a chance to try out experiments in cinematography and miniatures. The miniatures with the round windows were unpainted birdhouses I bought at an arts and rafts store. I painted them, sawed out the bottoms, and lined the insides of the windows with tracing paper so they could be lit from the inside. The square office looking buildings were bamboo utensil holders I bought at Target. They were also repainted, lined with tracing paper, and turned upside down. The tall barn looking thing with the pillars was something I made from scratch with balsa wood, superglue, woodstain, and paint. All the "composite" shots were actually done in camera. I put my iPod inside the window of some of the miniatures while it played back movies on it's screen. The shots where the background looks fake behind Sean or the tall barn is actually my 32" LCD tv playing back footage from my hd cam. The whole thing was shot on Super 8mm. The raw footage was then digitized in HD and edited in Finalcut.

Here are some Sean Mcardle links

Here's the youtube of the video if your computer doesn't like vimeo

Monster Parade #2

Believe it or not, I really am working on Monster Parade #2. Here's a little work in progress to prove it

Here's my new blog. Don't worry, I won't be posting about the boring minutiae of my daily life. I'll save that for phone calls with my family. On this blog I will be posting doodles, works in progress, paintings, photos, films etc and I will be rambling about art and movies I enjoy.


First post. Image test.

Super 8 still