Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Croatian Pirates?

Apparently my comics are being reprinted in Croatia without my permission. It looks like some sort of literary magazine called Libra Libera. Here's a link filtered through google language tools. Monster Parade didn't make any money here in the States, and that Croatian thing doesn't look like a big deal, so I guess it doesn't count as getting ripped off. Normally I would happy to get exposure in another country but these people didn't even have the courtesy to get my permission or even just let me know what they're doing. I find that annoying and disrespectful. So should this blog happen to catch the eyes of any Croatians or readers of Libra Libera, I just wanted to let you know that I don't approve of their reprinting my comics and that they print stolen material.


  1. LAME. I bet somebody at Stripburger would take up the cause of wagging a damning finger at them in their own language...

  2. This is sad. I really loved your MP comic, and it's still one of my favorites. I think this is shame that it didn't make you a profit.

    Is there any way to purchase an issue from Russia?

  3. pirate here.

    if it's any consolidation, i have just resigned as one of the editors from Libra Libera (as it was mostly my fault this had happened). i got your email from a friend, and will elaborate on the whole issue later today.

    but the bottom line is: you are right, you were pirated, i am sorry, and it will not happen again (at least it will have nothing to do with me, since as of today, i am no longer a memeber of the editor's board).

    it will sound almost sarcastic now, but - i really like your work!

  4. This is funny part: «i am sorry, and it will not happen again», because there is nothing else to pirate, I guess )

  5. Another pirate reporting (an editor in Libra libera). We apologize. In our defence I can point out that we wanted to promote your comics and you as an author, in good faith. Yes you can accuse us for not contacting you, and we're guilty of that. That's a consequence of sometimes chaotic workflow we have while producing our magazine. Hopefully you'll understand that our goal wasn't to rip you off as we're a non-profit magazine trying to drive attention to interesting works and ideas that'd otherways be ignored in our local community. Although, if you ever get an order from Croatia, it probbably won't be because we stole a sample of your work. There's at least 7 people in Croatia who follow contemporary comics and they aren't among 13 Libra Libera readers. Pirate greetings! Katarina

  6. Katarina and Jurica

    I sent an e-mail to Jurica but here is hopefully a more refined response. It is quite normal to reprint samples of work without permission when writing reviews or essays. But reprinting works in their entirety is when it becomes piracy. It's hard to tell from the other side of the world, but you do not look like a big sleazy magazine trying to skimp on paying artists. You look more like a small well intentioned magazine of art and literature enthusiasts. I am not really angered or personally offended by what you did but as a matter of principal I believe the artist must be involved in the publishing/printing of their own work. To do otherwise sets a poor precedent. This kind of behavior is a common way for less well intentioned people abuse newer or lesser known talent. I know on the internet the rules of ownership are very muddled but with the printed page the boundaries are still clear.

    The world of alternative comics is small with little money but lot's of interaction in the community. I really enjoy getting to meet other artists and publishers. So in the future please put at the top of your chaotic publishing schedule the participation of the artists that you are printing.

    Дмитрий Шкаев-

    I don't know how easy it is to order from foreign countries in Russia but the best place to order from the Fantagraphics website. Since they are my publisher they have all of the unsold copies.
    Also, I want to ask you, since you are from Russia. Are you responsible for THIS!?

  7. I tried to order an issue of «Monster Parade» @ fantagraphics, but there was only one delivery option available and it's not suitable for Russia, so there was the message saying like 'choose another delivery method' (from only one lol).

    Regarding video I gave no idea what it is, guess that he's a soviet singer. Definitely phychodelic performance)

    You can check out this page about him (he is still alive btw):