Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monster Parade 2 progress

You know those crazy people who make large miniature scale models with toothpicks? They spend a ridiculous amount of time and effort gluing together one toothpick after another. And in the end they have little to show for it except impressing a few weirdo friends and maybe getting a local news puff piece. That's what being a comic artist feels like to me right now.
Anyways, I still have a few thousand little lines to ink and shapes to color but here is a another peek at my progress on Monster Parade #2. Click to enlarge.


  1. Oh man this is exciting. I think Monster Parade might have been one of the most pleasant surprises ever, as far as buying a book at a show by someone I wasn't familiar with, then instead of regretting the purchase (it happens), being blown away by it and immediately wanting more.

    For the next three years.

  2. Beautiful panel, Ben. And I know what you mean about comics, it's sort of why I've held back from doing a serious one of my own for many years. But there are recent books like Johnny Ryan's "Prison Pit" and Hans Rickheit's "Squirrel Machine" that remind me what's possible with that medium unlike any other.

    I love Monster Parade and look forward to seeing it continue. You might also consider doing something like a storybook in that style of fantastical beautifully rendered illustrations with bizarre characters, maybe 30 or 40 illustrations, a selection of text stringing together some intriguing story that could fit into something hardbound to get into bookshops? Something to think about anyway.

  3. Aeron, you are right on the money about the story book thing. It is what those black and white pictures I just posted are for. One illustration on the right hand page equals an entire book in just 40 - 60 drawings. Whereas 40 - 60 panels isn't even a full pamphlet comic. Books sell and pamphlet comics don't. Still, I will always keep drawing comics. I just can't fully commit to them

  4. finally found your blog! your art looks great. looking forward to your reading this thursday.

  5. I just want to say that I fucking love Monster Parade #1, every single panel was just absolutely brilliant. It blows my mind that one person was able to single-handedly produce such an amazing piece of work. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ben, you posted this three years ago, I think it's a terrific illustration. However...where is issue 2 ?

    You'd give Clowes a run for his money... :D